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We are an initiative of wealthy people actively working for tax justice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

In Germany, the "top" 10% of the wealth distribution own 62.1% of all assets, while the "bottom" 50% own only 3.4% of all assets overall.(Sources:DIW 2020andDIW 2020). In Austria, one percent of the population owns 40% of the wealth - that is more than than the total sayings of 90% of the population (namely 34.4%) and with a net wealth of about 500,000 euros (unfortunately, exact data on the distribution is rarely in the interest of the wealthy) one generally belongs to the richest ten percent in the German speaking countries. (Sources:AK 2020,WED 2021,FSO 2017, BFH 2017). It can not go on like this. Wealth inequality as it exists today undermines democracy and harms society.


The idea for our initiative was born at a Bewegungsstiftung's strategy workshop in February 2021. We are collecting signatures with an online petition and taking the issue to the people through public relations.


Our work at taxmenow focuses on initiating changes in the tax system and thus structural change for the system as a whole. To do this, our members use their privileged access to the leading media.


We are aware that we argue from the privileged position and that many (grassroots) groups and social movements have been working on the issue of distributional and tax justice for decades. That is why we are grateful to be able to work on campaigns in an alliance with the Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit and the Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende e.V. We want to stand in solidarity with these diverse actors and add our perspective to their demands with a loud voice. Our work is not meant to hide how much has already been done, but to highlight exactly that, because the lion's share, as is it common in a democracy, is borne by the social movements.

Support this appeal so that our demands carry more weight. We invite you to start an interaction with your personal environment. Stimulating discussions significantly help to sensitize people to the issue.

We already have over 80,000 signatures!

Sign the petition here!

Our press team:


Marlene Engelhorn, heiress

Stefanie Bremer, heiress 

Antonis Schwarz, heir

These wealthy individuals are committed to taxmenow in the public eye. 

They support the initiative by responding to press inquiries and thus presenting the vision of taxmenow in numerous media.


Under the heading Press you will find all current media articles by the press team.

For all current events, find us on social media:InstagramFacebook and Twitter

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